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Our company is an international custom IT services provider. We are experts in Smart TV solutions of a wide range. Our software engineers possess rich expertise and deep technical knowledge, implementing Smart TV-based projects of any complexity and for a wide spectrum of industries.

Our Expertise

We offer professional assistance in the design, development and implementation of custom Smart TV projects. In the development process we use the latest releases of original SDKs from the leading manufacturers of Smart TV devices. Our professionals develop Smart TV apps for the following platforms:

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Smart TV Overview

A Smart TV is a TV set with integrated Internet and Web 2.0 features, a set-top box for television with advances computing abilities, e.g. such as delivering content form other computers or storage devices and providing access to:

Smart TV is broadly adopted by businesses in order to leverage its beneficial features and create custom Smart TV solutions for business purposes. If you have any ideas or want to create a solution for Smart TV, please, get in touch with us, and we will turn your ideas into high-end custom Smart TV application.

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